Hazelnut tahini bars


These bars are so scrumptious! They will satisfy your hunger for many hours. They are packed with nutrients and taste! Don’t be afraid of the calories they contain. These are good quality calories that our body needs in order to get through a tough day. The ideal snack for work, school or after a work out!

Take care, my good friends!

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Grape and Currants (black corinthian raisins)


One of the most popular fruits of the start of the autumn season is the grape which presents nutritional value and additional has long history features  (The divine fruit Read more: The divine fruit – iPaideia.gr).

How can we gain from the benefits of the grape throughout the year since the fresh grapes are available for only a few weeks? But of course you could enjoy it in its dried form as raisins.

Specifically, currants (black corinthian raisins) are a product without preservatives, easily manageable, could be consumed throughout the year, while taking in a concentrated form all those nutritional ingredients featuring fresh grapes from which currants come!