Raisin buns

Good morning, dear  friends! Today we are making delicious raisin buns! My sweet neighbour, Peny, gave us recently lots of raisins from her father’s vineyards. I eat it in my morning oats, I put them in salads or cakes and I decided to make small buns with it. They turned out great! They contain only 1/2 cup sugar and owe their sweetness to the raisins. Eat them as they are or with your favourite jam! They keep well for days and they don’t get dry. Try them and let me know your impressions!

Kisses and hugs!

 Ingredients (yields 15):
2 3/4 cups (360 gr.) self rising flour
1 cup Alpro Soya Vanilla
1/2 cup (90 gr) orange juice
1/4 cup (60 gr.) apple sauce
1/2 cup (80 γρ.) brown or coconut sugar
1 cup (120 gr.) raisins

Antiallergic attributes of currants (black corinthian raisins)

Now that spring allergies are on the rise due to the season, the daily amount of consumption (about 50 grams) of currants (black corinthian raisins), could mitigate if not to relieve the symptoms of allergies (runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.) and act preventively against possible colds and viral infections, creating a shield for the body!
One of the many physiological effects of the polyphenolic components contained in ample amounts into currants is to exhibit also ANTIALLERGIC action (inhibition of platelet aggregation)