Anticancer activity of currants (black corinthian raisins)

Ancient Greeks gave great importance to their diet. The father of medicine Hippocrates, by his phrases connoisseurs, “Food let it be your medicine and let your medicine be your food” and “Prevention and care are more important than treatment”, demonstrated the value of the nutrition in human health.
αρχείο λήψης1

Nowadays, poor diet leads to the appearance of cancer forms such as cancer of the stomach and colon, which is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide due to cancer.
Clinical studies have shown that the components contained in currants have chemopreventive and antitumor activity in the colon and stomach cells, via the apoptosis of cancer cells.
To be more specific, antioxidants contained in currants may reduce the risk for malignancies in the stomach and colon. Thus, in a balanced diet, currants’ antioxidants can help maintain the health of our digestive system.

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